Thursday, August 31, 2017

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Thursday, August 10, 2017

Tahiti Street Art

Tahiti Street Art and Robert Wan Pearl Museum

Starting in 2014, Tahiti started having a street art competition.  People from all over the world were invited to decorate their buildings and there is some great talent out there.  I spent a couple of days walking the streets looking for these pieces of art.  They also have to competition on Raiatea, but I did not know about it at the time.  There are 4 years of art displayed below.

Tiger in blacklight, and TIGER with flash on camera.

Lips in blacklight and lips with camera flash.

Robert Wan Pearl Museum

In Tahiti, there is a museum dedicate to the discovery and production of pearls from around the world.  Here in French Polynesia, the black pearl is farmed.  

Christopher Columbus and his discovery of pearls.

The inside of an Oyster that produces pearls.

Crown of Rudolph, German Emperor and King of Hungary and Bohemia, 1612

Imperial Crown of Charlemagne, Kings of the Franks, 747-814

Missel, Prayer Book owned by Charles the Bold who ruled France as Charles I and as Holy Roman Emperor Charles II 840-877 AD.


Saturday, August 5, 2017


Maupiti:  A small island to the west of Bora Bora with lots of beauty to be enjoyed.

It is only 25 nm to the west of Bora Bora, but it is like going back to quiet nature.  There are not many inhabitants and it is only a 12 km ride around the island by bike.  We decided to hike up the mountain and take in the views followed by a local lunch of Poisson Cru (raw fish, carrots, onions, and cabbage in coconut milk) and Hinano Beers.  

We also went snorkeling in search of manta rays as they have a manta ray cleaning station on the island.  This is where the rays come to get cleaned by smaller fish.  Unfortunately, the plankton was very thick (good for the mantas as this is their food source), and we were unable to see them here. Next stop, hopefully.  

Joe on the hike.

The mountain to me looked like a hooked nose old man. 

Our new crew member, Hanne, from Holland.

The pass we had to enter, only 60 feet between the reefs.

Boysterous at rest.

King of the mountain with Boysterous in the background.

On top with the town in the background.

Pondering the seas.

When we tried to enter the pass we were stopped by two whales, so we waited and watched.

Rope climbing.

Joe in the jungle.  

There are more churches than people.

The reefs look almost like salt ponds from above.

Goodbye Maupiti.